What is Academic Web Publishing Predatory Publishers?

There are tons of academic web publishing in the internet you can search however recently it is found that there are some publishers that tricks the author to publish their scientific journal with them. Predatory publisher is the publisher that publishes every academic journal that they accept without peer review or quality-checking these papers. They provide low quality research and tricks author to pay for high publication fee when they did not give a proper publication service.

Predatory Publishers
Predatory Publishers

Predatory publishers used to resemble a famous academic web publishing name. They try to collect as many scientific journals as possible without having a burden on checking its legitimacy. The purpose of publishing your academic journal must be related with academic filed too however if they were published in questionable credibility publisher it might did not give any impact to you.

How to identify a predatory publishers

There are several ways to identify a predatory publisher. To avoid these confusing publishers you can avoid those publishers who have these characteristics:

  • Unknown name among academics

It is better to avoid the worst case by choosing the famous and reputable academic web publishing. Those famous academic web publishers among academics will be more likely to be rusted rather than those who never likely to be heard. It can be true that they just begin their publishing web however avoiding the worst case sounds wiser somehow.

  • Accepting papers very fast without any quality control

Those predatory web publishers can accept your article in a blink of an eye. They never have peer review not even any quality control. They basically publish everything they accept from whoever without any doubt not even hesitating tha it might be hoax or false facts. There is no review procedure which is why they can publish article quickly.

Predatory Publishers
Predatory Publishers
  • False claims about publisher operation

They must and will give you their information, the office location and contact numbers. However mostly they did not give any correct information. Sometimes they just write anything randomly. For example is those national predatory publishers that are located in another country. It is one of signals you have to take your paper somewhere else.

  • Mimicking another academic web publishing

Those predatory publishers often mimicked famous academic web publishing. They mimicked not just the name but also every guideline and procedures possible to make them look very similar to what they resemble.

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