How to Share Your Academic Web Publishing in the Academic Website

It has conditions demanding academic literature publishing like increasing your fee. Some things are needed by the students in the writing process of academic journals. The requirements to enroll in universities are often sharing academic web publishing. Those are possibly journals, books, research, and reviews launched and published in credibility and skills attraction in the […]

What is Academic Web Publishing Predatory Publishers?

There are tons of academic web publishing in the internet you can search however recently it is found that there are some publishers that tricks the author to publish their scientific journal with them. Predatory publisher is the publisher that publishes every academic journal that they accept without peer review or quality-checking these papers. They […]

Strategies and Advices to Publish Your Journal to Academic Web Publishing

Publishing academic journals both international and national academic web publishing involves long time procedure and yet it is still possible to get your paper rejected despite the long of time you have spent to wait for their confirmation. Advices and strategies from previous authors at who have published their academic journals several times will […]

Is it Possible to Send Your Scientific Articles to Several Academic Webs Publishing?

You might get into trouble if you submit your scientific journal multiple times to several academic web publishing. It will be fine if it gets rejected but if those academic web publishing accept your scientific journal at the same time what will you do? In addition, some of particular academic web publishing did not allow […]

Are Academics Get Paid for Publishing Their Journal in Academic Web Publishing?

There are countries that will give a huge impact to those who has published many academic journals to reputable academic web publishing. Some universities rankers also count how many academic journals publish by their student in order to be said as a top list or recommended university. For this reason publishing your academic journal to […]