Are Academics Get Paid for Publishing Their Journal in Academic Web Publishing?

There are countries that will give a huge impact to those who has published many academic journals to reputable academic web publishing. Some universities rankers also count how many academic journals publish by their student in order to be said as a top list or recommended university. For this reason publishing your academic journal to the reputable academic web publishing will impact your life.

academic web publishing
academic web publishing

However the question is not yet answered. It can not stand for every fields from but authors are not getting paid for publishing their academic journal. Instead they were asked to pay for their own publication fee as it is required some services like graphics and review. Authors did not get any direct salary as they published their academic journal to international or national academic web publishing however as it is said before generally it will impact your life.

Generally when somebody has several or let’s say in its best case many published journals they will have their curriculum vitae look professional in their field. In order to get accepted by top universities, applicant is required to have some academic journal published. When they are graduated from top university it is more likely for them to get better job position and experience in the field. Moreover particular jobs like assistant professors are in danger of losing their salary if they did not publish academic journal.

Academic Web Publishing

There are some universities that will give you reward if you publish your academic journal to the reputable academic web publishing. The amount of money a university can get is according to the amount of published academic journals by their students in some countries. The high quality papers or big impact research will be rewarded since it will impact the university itself.

academic web publishing
academic web publishing

Another benefit is getting scholarship. One of the examples is in Malaysia where they will give you full intuition if you can publish a bi impact research for their country. Writing research that covers recent issue must be helpful that some countries will willingly pay for the researcher. Not only scholarship another country like Thai will give you cash if your can publish a good quality research paper.

Therefore in general there is no salary for authors who publish their journal in academic web publishing. However it will impact many factors fro the next decision you can choose like probably the type of job or position you can have. It will impact your salary indirectly.

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