Step-by-Step on How to Publish Your Academic Journals to Academic Web Publishing

Self-publishing your academic journal is what commonly people do nowadays. Publishing your journal in international academic web publishing will demand a good quality and good impact research. Generally if your research is good and it has big impact it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate or PhD or whether you write it yourself or in group.

academic journal
academic journal

Steps to publish your academic journal

  • Brainstorm your research problem

First you must search for your interest and find some research problems. Let your idea to come up by reading previous studies with big impact. It might also challenge your ideas to catch the problem you are interested to observe. The big impact research will most likely easier to get attention. Therefore choose your research problem with supportive recent previous studies.

  • Work on it

If you found your research problem you can continue to work on it. Cite the most recent and the biggest impact literatures. Try to be honest on how to solve these research problems. It is easier to try adapting the research methodology analysis theory to the research question rather than the other way around. It is not necessarily long pages to write a good quality research.

academic journal
academic journal
  • Revising your work

Once you are satisfied with your hard work, it is not done yet. It might be good enough from the author perspective however it is reader who decides whether it is readable or not, whether it is good enough or some revisions required. Asking for suggestions and probably revisions from your supervisor or fellow academics will help you to enrich your academic journal.

  • Set your draft as what the academic web publishing requires

Every academic web publishing stated their type of academic journal. Search for their standard requirement in terms of writing forms such as font, font size, margins and so on. This author guide must be exactly like what they stated. Following this guide will also help you to revise some other flaws. Try to avoid any typo, grammatical errors or any other tiny flaws if you wish to have your journal reviewed sooner.

academic journal
academic journal
  • Send your draft

Once you are done with following the guideline for authors according to the academic web publishing you would like next send your draft away. It takes about 6 months for them to review your journal therefore be patient and wait for another confirmation. Is it possible to double submit your works to another academic web publishing? It is better to wait for the confirmation rather than double submit it.

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