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Academic Web Journal of Scientific Research (AWJSR)
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Academic Web Journal of Scientific Research 
Volume 1 issue 1 pp 008-011 November, 2016

Research Article

Fuzzy Logic Approach to no-Data Problems 

Houju Hori Jr.

655-2 Yuzaki Kawanishi-cho, Shiki-gun, 636-0202, Nara , Japan.

E-mail: uemura0742@yahoo.co.jp.


At the moment, we mainly pick up big data process; however, we have several no-data problems in our envelopment. In no-data problem, as our subjectivity is very important, we constructed the fuzzy decision making. In this paper, we introduced our studying flow according to Fuzzy-Bays decision rule with a concept of application to big data process.

Key words: No-data problem, Fuzzy decision making, wald function, fuzzy event, big data process.

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