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Academic Web Journal of Medical Science (AWJMS)
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Academic Web Journal of Medical Science  
Volume 2 issue 2 pp 016-018 May, 2017

Case Report

Bilateral ureterocele: A case report and review of literature 

Alemayehu Tegegn, Fitsum Argaw and Maria E. Suarez Marcillan

Department of Surgery, SPHMMC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: alett2005@gmail.com.



A ureterocele is a cystic outpouching of the distal ureter into the urinary bladder. It is one of the urologic anomalies with a spectrum of symptoms, diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma challenging care providers. Most pediatric ureterocele are found during routine pre-natal screening and incidentally in adults during imaging studies. We report a case of bilateral ureterocele in a 40 years old man presented with bilateral flank pain. Its presentations, diagnostic challenges and management were discussed.

Keywords: Ureterocele, cystic outpouching, symptoms, diagnostic challenges.

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