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Academic Web Journal of Medical Science  
Volume 2 issue 1 pp 006-010 April, 2017

Case Report

Retroperitoneoscopic decortications of renal cyst: A case series in Ethiopia 

Alemayehu Tegegne Tefera*, María E. Suárez Marcillán and Alula M. Teklu

Department of Urology, St Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: alett2005@gmail.com. Tel: +251911212748.


The simple renal cysts have an incidence of about 10% in the general population. Renal cysts require surgical treatment when they are symptomatic. Good results with the retro-peritoneoscopic decortication of renal cysts were reported. We intend to present our experience with retroperitoneoscopic surgical management of symptomatic renal cysts. From June, 2016 to December, 2016, data from 14 patients who underwent retro-peritoneoscopic decortication of renal cyst was summarized. All procedures were carried out by one surgical team using a retroperitoneal approach. The main symptom was flank pain. Ultrasonography and Computed Tomography was done on all cases and the Bosniak classifications were 10 to I, 2 to II and 2 to IIF. The average size of the cysts was 9.2 cm (6 to 14 cm). The average surgery time was 71 min (50 to 115 min). Malignancy (clear cell renal carcinoma) was diagnosed in one case (Bosniak II F). It was difficult to continue the procedure in one of the cases, because the patient was obese with multiple varicosities that bleed easily. For the 13 patients, the post-operative hospital stay was one day. Open surgery was done for the obese patient. With a short hospital stay, the patients were free of renal cyst symptoms and recurrence. Retroperitoneoscopic decortication is an effective, safe and satisfactory procedure as a treatment option in terms of morbidity, operating time, complications and blood loss in the management of symptomatic renal cysts.

Key words:Retro-peritoneoscopic decortications, renal cyst.

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