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About us

Academic Web Publishers, is a Global research publication organization, that was founded on key issues hindering research publication processes which include Plagiarism, delay in publication, high cost of publication, sub standard articles etc. To this effect, Academic Web Publishers wishes to publish not just the most exciting Research articles but articles that will be of immense value to the academic/research world and the general scholar or philosopher. To achieve this aim, we hope to work with top ranking professionals in their different areas of specialization to ensure that only suitable research articles are published so as to meet standards with the crave for innovations and expositions with respect to a very minimal time frame. “For if we know that which we are looking for it would not have been called research” 
Albert Einstein. 

Academic Web Publishers aims at establishing a publishing house set on high standards. It aims to significantly broaden the knowledge base of its users, provide a learned reference in different fields; and establishes channels of communication between the theorist and the researchers and to this effect; the journal shall focus on only those papers that fall within its scope.

Our Vision
To publish very good research articles in the different fields of research and operate an open access which will serve as a link between authors and users of our journal all over the world without compromising our standards.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide free access to standard and innovative research information to the international Community with the aim of innovations and knowledge acquisitions without financial, legal or technical barriers



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